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Business start ups

This is a big step and daunting for anyone when setting up in business for the first time. It is worthwhile spending time to consider your business strategy before you start and important to determine the correct structure at the outset.


The main choices are sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership, private limited compnay, public company or company limited by guarantee. Each has its own pros and cons.


We have years of experience working with new start ups.


We start off with free introductory fact finding exercise to understand your business idea and personal goals. 


We will discuss your options and propose the most suitable structure for your purposes.


We can assist you with the formation and registration of your chosen entity and advise you regarding regulatory requirements.


We can further assist you to set up efficient bookkeeping and accounting processes and, if required, we manage these for you in order to free up your time to manage your business.


If appropriate, we will recommend and obtain an online bookkeeping package.


We may be able to help you to obtain additional funding.


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The main reasons why new businesses fail

Started for the wrong reason

Possibly the number one reason for failure is because the business was started for the wrong reason

Poor management

It may be a great idea but often people lack the necessary business and management skills and don't seek help !

Inadequate Funding

Be realistic at the beginning, and start with enough money that will last you to the point where you're business is up and running, and cash is actually flowing in.

Failure to understand the market and customers

It’s very important to understand your competitive marketspace and your customers’ buying habits.

Not knowing when to say "No".

Good businesses are based on customer service with a focus on quality, delivery, follow through and follow up. Too much to do and these will suffer.

Expanding too quickly

Growth needs to be managed carefully with the right research and appropriate systems in place first.


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         R&D tax credits 

Are you missing out?

Small or medium-sized enterprise (SMER&D tax relief allows companies to:

  • deduct an extra 130% of their qualifying costs from their yearly profit, as well as the normal 100% deduction, to make a total 230% deduction
  • claim a tax credit if the company is loss making, worth up to 14.5% of the surrenderable loss

We will work with you to make your claim and may bring in specialists, depending on the circumstances.

     Construction and VAT

Are you involved in construction?   

- Do you understand the rules and the different rates of VAT that apply to the construction industry?     

Do you understand the domestic VAT reverse charge?                                            


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Do you have employees working from home because of COVID-19?     If you don't reimburse them, they can make a claim for a fixed amount from HMRC.


Three year anniversary Compliance reviews

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We offer a fixed annual fee service for all clients.

Our offering for new or  small businesses can include online bookkeeping, typically Xero and Receipt Bank

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Challenger Banks - Mettle. (backed by NatWest) is designed for small businesses. There are no fees and free access to the online bookkeeping package, FreeAgent.

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