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Landlords and Non Resident Landlords

Making your life easier

We have an innovative and cost effective solution to help you manage your property portfolio and deal with your tax and other reporting requirements.


Properties owned personally, jointly and/or in companies? This solution will help you.

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital will require landlords to make quarterly, electronic reports to HM Revenue & Customs, if they have annual rental income greater than £10,000.


This will be a requirement from 2024.


Our approach is simple;

- Discuss and understand your options now,

- If necessary, adopt a new approach and new procedures from from April 2023,

- Be ready for and comfortable with the changes in 2024.

Are you a UK landlord through a non-resident company?

If you are, did you know that this is no longer covered by income tax but requires a corporation tax return?


Are you aware of the tax changes in relation to mortgage interest relief and wear and tear allowances and how they affect you?

Are you aware of the options you have? Are you taking appropriate action?


We can advise you on what you can or need to do and help to you do it, be this personal or corporate.


We can help you to register with HM Revenue & Customs and advise you of the impact of the latest tax changes.


We can complete and file your self assessment tax returns on your behalf, subject to your approval. 


We will advise you of your tax position and when any tax should be paid, if due.


We can help you with planning for growth, retirement or inheritance.


We can introduce you to other specialist to help you, including;

  • Property introducers,
  • Managing agents,
  • Insurers,
  • Lawyers,
  • Repairers,
  • Architects,
  • Mortgage brokers,
  • Interior designers and others.


For more information, email us at or use the contact form.


Maxing Tax Digital is coming

We have an innovative and cost effective solution to help you manage your property portfolio and deal with your tax and other reporting requirements.


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           R&D TAX CLAIMS

Are you aware of the changes coming on 1 April 2023

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) considering R&D tax relief ?

Pre-notification is comng.

Speak to us now.

We will work with you to make your claim and may bring in specialists, depending on the circumstances.

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Making tax digital (MTD) is coming for all self employed business and landlords turnover with greater than £30,000

Interested in how we can help you and your business?

Find out now with a no-obligation, exploratory discussion.


     Construction and VAT

Are you involved in construction?   

- Do you understand the rules and the different rates of VAT that apply to the construction industry?     

Do you understand the domestic VAT reverse charge?                                            



We offer a fixed annual fee service for all clients.

Our offering for new or  small businesses can include online bookkeeping, typically Xero 

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